About McMurtry Ltd


McMurtry Limited is an engineering company based in Gloucestershire. Our main design and development activities include:

  • Mechanical
  • Software
  • Robotics ( including GPS, area coverage, automated vehicles)
  • Electronics
  • Electric Vehicles

Our products are designed from day one to meet or exceed the Machinery Safety Directive. This is reinforced by 3rd Party Notified Body certification wherever relevant.

Below are two of our previous robotic guidance projects. We are happy to consult on your projects – please contact us


McMurtry previously developed fully autonomous mowing robots from 1m (cylinder) to 3m (rotary) cut widths. These were suitable for maintenance of turfed areas from stadium sports fields to turf farms.

MAS Mower 01



McMurtry’s own navigation technologies provided repeatable accuracy (+/- 2cm) from a choice of guidance sensors : long range rotating laser scanners (for enclosed areas) or precision Real Time Kinematic GPS units (for larger open areas)

MAS Mower 05