MAS RC-01 Features

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  • 610mm rotary-deck slope mower.
  • 13.5hp petrol engine with electric and pull-cord start.
  • Electromagnetic clutch to disengage blade.
  • Hybrid technology – electric motors can move RC-01 without running the engine when loading/unloading or inside buildings. No need to refuel on a slope – just drive RC-01 onto level ground.



  • Small, light and simple to operate.
  • Two joysticks: FORWARD/REVERSE & LEFT/RIGHT.
  • Blade ON/OFF, Engine STOP/RUN/START, Steering trim control.
  • STOP button.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Keyswitch – to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Built in battery pack – over 8 hours operation. Charge from mains or cigarette socket.
  • RC-01 will automatically stop safely if handset is out of range, switched off or damaged.


  • 610mm rotary deck.
  • Conventional bar blade or 4-blade swing tips.
  • Electromagnetic clutch allows remote control of blades.
  • Blades automatically stop if handset is out of range.
  • Blade stop time is under 5 seconds.
  • Simple, manual adjustment of cut height: 25mm – 120mm.



  • High power/torque 24V DC motors drive durable rubber tracks for ultimate stability and traction.
  • Specially designed track undercarriage maximises reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Optimum weight distribution ensures maximum stability on all slopes.

  • Built with safety in mind – keep your operator on level ground.
  • Remote control blade engagement – allows the operator to start cutting when RC-01 is at a safe distance from people/animals/property.
  • Safety rated relays and drive contactors.
  • Emergency Stop button on vehicle – complete power-down of RC-01.
  • Battery disconnect – disable the vehicle for safe maintenance.
  • Handset communication: handset out of range, damaged, switched off or unusual radio interference will all cause RC-01 to shut down safely.
  • Fail-safe motor brake – operates even when machine is unpowered.
  • Roll-cage – prevents damage in the unlikely event of rolling RC-01.
  • Electric motors – RC-01 can be driven off the slope without the engine running for safe refuelling. Also allows for quiet and safe loading/unloading.
  • Safety beacon – flashes amber whenever RC-01 is active.
  • Three colour LED shows battery/charging status.

Specification   Video
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